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Wolfpack Entertainment


          Before you judge, understand that this is a movement.  A movement to supply the less fortunate with opportunity.  It is to supply the youth with knowledge, & help those with god-given talents personify their visions.  Wolfpack Entertainment is a representation of the global minorities with a desire, passion, will, and drive to accomplish rather than be viewed "another statistic." WE are more than just 1 man, 1 street, 1 hood, 1 city, 1 coast, we are "1 Nation."  A nation of soldiers; soldiers who refuse to allow themselves to remain amongst the "continuously overlooked" by those in position of power.  What they don't give, we create, what they abandon, we embrace, what they don't, WE DO !!!  This movement is for those who carry the hearts of warriors, those who refuse to except failure. It is a movement of pride, focus, unification, ambition, success, and a call only to the strong and understanding. 

        A call to those who require "MORE" out of their lives than what is currently at hand.  NO more asking, no more waiting, no more settling & excepting!  It is time for CHANGE!! Time to demand, time for those of us who desire to accomplish to make things happen "OURSELVES" and visually transmute the term for "US" to "1." If your riding stand up, unify and prepare. Prepare to silence those without faith and give peace to those incapable of speaking with an outcome of "reaching the masses."  Prepare without fear of losing, but with glory of being the only alternative.  Know that: without the suport of 1 antoher, 1 holds no weight, with the embrace of 1 another, 1 has no voice. Without the strenght of 1 another, 1 has no power. Without permitting 1 from failure...........


Keith " Donn " Griffin/ C.E.O.

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